The role of women in the founding of communication sciences

Online | Communication | 29 de Setembro

On 29 September, between 16h00 and 18h00, the online conference “El rol de la mujer en la fundación de las ciencias de la comunicación” will be held, given by Leonarda García-Jiménez (Universidad de Múrcia and Colorado State University) and Esperanza Herrero (Universidad de Múrcia).

Maria João Silveirinha (University of Coimbra and ICNOVA) and Maria Zara Simões Pinto Coelho (ICS-University of Minho) will be in charge of comments. After these interventions, a space for debate will be opened.

The initiative will take place via zoom and is of free access, requiring only registration here.

Filipa Subtil (ICNOVA and Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa) is in charge of the organization of this initiative and the presentation of the guests.

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