The “Loving Camões” Cycle

Lisbon | Literature | 15 june to 13 july

The “Amar Camões” cycle takes place in the year when the 450th anniversary of the first edition of The Lusiads (1572) is being celebrated. This cycle includes biweekly poetry reading meetings open to passers-by. The next meetings will take place on 15 and 29 June, and 13 July.

The aim of this cycle is to create a space-time for regular reading/listening to Camões at the University, establishing a dialogue between the canonical texts of his work, The Lusiads and the Rhymes, and texts by other poets from various kinds of literature.

The cycle began in January and will end in July. In the atrium of the FLUL Library Camões will continue to be read by several voices from ULisboa.

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