The University of Coimbra has a new work by Bordalo II at the Colégio das Artes

3 February, 2022

A work by Bordalo II was inaugurated last 17 January at the Colégio das Artes at the University of Coimbra (UC). It is a pretext to rethink sustainability and strengthen the commitment of the Colégio das Artes with contemporary art.

The intervention by Bordalo II is next to the UC Science Museum and represents a “High-Legged Owl” which, as is usual in the artist’s work, shows a more colorful side and a more sober side, dividing the sculpture in half.

This duality of the presentation of the owl can represent the mentalities that are stuck to the past and the ones that want to see beyond – said to Lusa the rector Amílcar Falcão at the inauguration.

This owl is part of the Big Trash Animals series and is made exclusively with recycled materials. Minerva is the name of the owl that stays in this education pole as a symbol of awareness for sustainability issues.