GoGenius. The first app for learning European Portuguese

8 December, 2021

Aimed at speakers of nine languages who want to reach levels B1 and B2 of proficiency in Portuguese, the tool consists of a series of pedagogical exercises.

Able to create a “genius” in European Portuguese, GoGenius is aimed at people who are native speakers of Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and German, and who are at A1 and A2 proficiency levels in the language of Camões.

According to those responsible, the app is “ideal for Portuguese students of the 1st cycle, foreigners and immigrants who want to learn European Portuguese”.

The educational model consists of 14 games, with different themes, which focus on reading, writing and listening. With funding from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and support from the Centre for Research in Psychology at the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CIP-UAL), the dynamic was created by Sandra Figueiredo, associate professor at the Psychology Department of the UAL and researcher at CIP.

As in a game, users accumulate points and earn ratings, and must complete all the tasks in order to be considered as learning.

This app is available for Android, through Google Play, and can be accessed through any smartphone, computer or tablet.

Currently, users can enjoy an 8-day trial period, without any obligation to purchase.