ESAD launches open call for exploratory project on domestic space

6 October, 2021

esad-idea, the research centre of the School of Arts and Design (ESAD), in Matosinhos, is inviting design, art and architecture students to share their personal points of view, poetic and artistic records, diaries or analyses, which focus on the domestic space. The project Dwelling in Transition – Experiences from Lockdown proposes “a reflection, through a collection of experiences/ reflections/ testimonies on dwelling, in the circumstance of confinement motivated by the pandemic,” according to information released by the promoters.

In this open call, there is an invitation for the submission of works of different formats, such as drawings, texts, photographs, videos, “having as a starting point a set of keywords that evoke the experience of living”.

In a note sent to Exarp, it is stated that “dwelling is a comprehensive concept, which is not limited to domestic space (housing, furniture, everyday objects) and its practices, but also refers to our daily relationship with the city space, with our places of work and leisure and with the intermediate spaces that operate the transition between them”. This challenge aims, therefore, to “activate a reflection on dwelling in times of pandemic, with the final objective of constructing an exhibition and a publication”.

The project is coordinated by Ana Sofia Cardoso, Francesca Vita, Maria Milano, Marta Cruz and is supported by the Directorate-General for the Arts.

Applications are open until 21 November and can be made through the form available on the initiative’s official website.