Being in Solidarity: UBI reinforces support for students in need

10 November, 2021

The University of Beira Interior (UBI) recently presented OPTE – Opportunity for All Students, an awareness campaign aimed at the community to raise contributions for the Social Fund to support students.

The Fund, which, according to the UBI news portal, has already supported 112 students, is meant to cover the expenses of students in need. This amount serves to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and food in the structures of the Social Action Services and reprography of UBI. Created in 2018, it aims to combat school dropouts due to economic difficulties.

In this context, the Solidarity Ambassadors initiative was also created, in which an individual or collective person can contribute to this Solidarity Fund, receiving a diploma “as a form of recognition of the donation delivered”. According to the UBI news portal, the ambassadors include AJAS – Youth Association for Solidarity Action; UBI’s Academic Association, Casa do Pessoal from UBI, Ubianos Meeting Group, Faculty of Science (through its president, Paulo Almeida), Lions Club from Covilhã, Lions/Forum Egitânia and Nuno Manuel Garcia dos Santos (lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering).

Donations can be made by bank transfer or deposit.