Radio programme “Europe’s RUA”

Portugal | Society | 2 to 30 may

The programme “Europe’s RUA” on RUA FM will be broadcasted every Monday until 30 May. It comes as part of the Algarve University Documentation Centre and Europe Direct Algarve, in partnership with the MOVE Network. The aim of this programme is to broaden the horizons of young people about the European Union and to make known the projects of public and private entities working in the Algarve for Europe.

The programme is a weekly programme with various items, including the speak corner – a space which will show a set of typical and useful expressions for day-to-day communication in an increasingly intercultural society.  The weekly HIGHLIGHTS programme aims to show who in the Algarve and in cross-border cooperation is developing projects with and for young people.  The new programme, which started on December 13, also has space for NEWS BRIEFS with useful information on initiatives or programmes of the European Union.

The programme is also produced together with young people who are carrying out Erasmus projects in the Algarve (students or volunteers) and who are from different EU countries.

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