Programming in Digital Humanities

Portugal | Research | 16 to 17 december

From the 16th to the 17th of December, the High Performance Computing Chair and the HPC-U.Évora Center organize the international conference Programming in Digital Humanities, in virtual format.

Programming in Digital Humanities is one of the most challenging issues in this field of knowledge and research. A significant number of researchers coming from areas of knowledge such as literature, philology, history, etc., still experience great difficulties when it comes to using programming languages to handle and display their data.

This meeting seeks to address these difficulties and discuss the latest developments associated with
programming in Digital Humanities, bringing together scientists from different areas.

The scientific organization of the conference is in charge of Miguel Avillez, Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Coordinator of the High Performance Computing Operational Centre, Carla Castro, Professor of the Department of Literature and Linguistics, University of Évora, and Sandra Boto, Researcher of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon.

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