Participatory Forum: Citizen Science, Citizenship and Public Policies for a better management of ambient air quality in cities

Vila Real | Ecology | 12 february

The Urban Ecology Agency, at Vila Real Town Hall, hosts, on February 12, the participatory forum “Citizen Science, Citizenship and Public Policy for better management of ambient air quality in cities”. It is aimed at Teachers of the 3rd Cycle and Secondary Schools and is part of the “Rede MAPeAR – Educational Network for Collaborative Mapping of Ambient Air Quality” project. UTAD is a partner in the organization and scientific and pedagogical validation.

The MAPeAR network project introduces research/action methodologies in educational communities, on environmental themes less developed in schools. Examples are air quality and its effects on human health. It, therefore, aims to encourage the participation of the communities and cities where the schools are located.

The forum is attended by expert researchers and aims to offer specific and technical knowledge. The MAPeAR network has been implemented in 47 schools in Portugal since 2020.

Registration is available here.

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