Exhibition “Prata da Casa”

Alfama | Exhibition | 17 de junho a 17 de outubro

The exhibition “Prata da Casa” will be available at the Galeria Malangatana of ISPA – Instituto Universitário – until October 17. It is curated by Rui Oliveira and Teresa Almeida Rocha.

expression, noun locution. 1. resources proper to the place or to the institutions to which one belongs. 2. something or someone that is as important as the others; the best among those one has. 3. person formed in relation to the institution that formed him/her; person selected in relation to the institution that formed him/her and that due to the selection is esteemed as the best of his/her own production.

name. 1. Daniel Sousa. 2. Emanuel Gonçalves. 3. Joana Robalo. 4. José Castro Silva. 5. José Narciso. 6. Pedro Morais Aleixo. 7 – Teresa Almeida Rocha. 8. Teresa Garcia-Marques.

More info: ispa.pt