Exhibition “Duas” (“Two”)

Faro | Culture | 9 to 30 june

The António Rosa Mendes Library at the Gambelas Campus hosts, between June 9 and 30, the exhibition “Duas” by Rafaela Silva and Fiona Issler, curated by Teresa Borges.

About the exhibition, the artists explain, “What do we really love? Has the time not come to return to our origins? To allow us to express our love for life, through creativity that fills that space in us that we seek so much, that of harmony. Thinking about nature is much more than contemplating it, it implies a relationship of love, complicity, and full experience. The TWO of us feel this expression so deeply, it’s something that validates our existence like the air we need to live, and that’s why we joined this sharing trip”.

More info: ualg.pt