Bairro Rainha Dona Leonor” exhibition

Guimarães | Culture | 24 march to 23 april

The exhibition “Bairro Rainha Dona Leonor” is available until April 23rd at EAAD’UM Gym in Guimarães. The project is by António Jorge Fontes and André Fontes, from Atelier Cerejeira Fontes Arquitetos. It consists of the reconstruction works of the new Bairro Rainha D. Leonor and the construction of a private condominium. The proposal is focused on the centrality and visual potential of the place, as well as the green spaces.

Cerejeira Fontes Arquitectura – Imago – Atelier de Arquitectura e Engenharia, Lda. is an Architecture and Engineering company based in Braga. It was founded by architects and engineers António Jorge Cerejeira Fontes and André Cerejeira Fontes in 1996 and has been expanding. Since 2019 they founded with William Aarsland in Bergen, Norway the CFA Arkitektur – Cerejeira Fontes & Aarsland Architects.

Since its foundation projects have been developed in various areas, ranging from single and multifamily dwellings, service buildings, retail buildings, hospitality, religious, catering, and services. The studio’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally in multiple competitions and awards.

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