Applications: Got Talent Contest – 2IN edv

Portugal | Entrepreneurship | 3 december to 27 february

Applications for the Got Talent – 2IN edv competition are open until 23:59 on 27 February 2022 on the Got Talent Project website. This event is promoted by ADRITEM – Associação de Desenvolvimento Regional Integrado das Terras de Santa Maria.

It consists of a competition of ideas and projects of positive social and/or environmental impact, which seek to solve and minimize local and regional challenges. The Got Talent – 2IN edv competition seeks to promote an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of social innovation among “young talents”, as well as to motivate a spirit of initiative and teamwork.

Participants must be university or polytechnic students from all over the country (including exchange students), aged over 18, qualified (level 5 or above), self-employed or employed, or unemployed.

These are the main areas highlighted in the competition: environment, culture, economy, education, marketing, health, technology, tourism, desertification of rural areas, talent drain (young, international, etc.), circular economy, employment, vocational training, inclusion, among others.

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