3rd Memory for All Meeting: Preserving and sharing memory

Lisbon | Research | 11 to 12 November

The recording, organization, and preservation of individual and collective memory has taken on a growing role in heritage practices, resulting from public policies or private initiatives, taking shape in projects of very diverse scales. The community dimension, in particular, has significantly promoted reflection and questioning about the role of history and heritage in its relationship with memory. Accessibility and the adoption of
digital and technological means play an increasingly relevant role, influencing and enhancing several dimensions, from recording, to data storage, to the preservation, to making documentation available.

The generalized digitalization of society and, in particular, of cultural and scientific activity, the access to technology, the immense possibilities provided by the internet, have transformed and expanded the capabilities of individuals, social groups, and organizations to record, organize and preserve their memories, expand dynamics of community and identity creation, increasing the spectrum of public discussion about the past and collective memory.

The policies, conditions, and practices of availability and access to information, which digital technology provides and amplifies on an unprecedented scale, make up an indispensable debate on the process of democratization of knowledge, confronted with an undeniable social and geographical asymmetry, observed at a local and global level.

The 3RD. Memory for All Meeting has as its area of reflection the preservation and sharing of memory, focusing on the processes of registration and on the impact that information technologies have on these practices, convening a broad disciplinary spectrum, including, among other areas, history, anthropology, documentary sciences, museology, heritage sciences, communication sciences or digital humanities.

The 3rd Memory for All Conference is organized by História, Territórios, Comunidades – Centro de Ecologia Funcional NOVA FCSH and Centro República in partnership with the Lisbon City Council.

More info: fcsh.unl.pt